Sustainably grown

We believe in farming sustainably. Our flowers are grown in ways that preserve and even more importantly, enhance, the natural environment, not harm it.  


Covers and Cloth

We utilize reusable row covers and landscape cloth to reduce insect and weed pressure instead of using harmful sprays.


Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation conserves water by delivering it directly to individual plants. Drip tape combined with landscape cloth helps retain soil moisture, as well as reduce evaporation. As we expand our farm, we hope to reduce our reliance on our well by irrigating from our on-site pond. 


Soil Enrichment

Healthy soil is the key to reducing disease and pest pressure on our flowers.  We amend our soil with compost, natural minerals and salts, and fish and seaweed fertilizer.  We rotate our crops to avoid soil depletion and will begin adding cover crops as our farm grows. 


Pollinators & Beneficial Insects

We make sure to save some of our flowers for pollinators, birds, and insects, and are working hard to develop our Integrated Pest Management game - providing habitats that attract insects (like lady bugs) so that they'll keep pests (like aphids) in check.